The issues of our life flows from our spirituality.


I am Statements

How many times do you start your sentence with “I am…?”

What comes after I am is very important because God declared to Moses that His name is I am that I am.  Jesus had several I am statements when He walked on Earth

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I am

I am positive statements
























Our healthy perception in all spheres of life requires our mind control.  That is why renewing our mind is essential.


 Renewing your mind lessons 

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Renewing_your_mind-Spiritfire Ministries

Renewing your mind on a subconcious level -Creflo Dollar

Renewing your mind by Susan Bowman

Renewing the mind–James A. Fowler 1999

Renewing-Your-Mind-Every Nation Prod.


PAI Cover

Praying through The armor of God: Pr. John Fichtner (Senior pastor Liberty church, GA)–PDF printable version.

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7 Video series: Prayers Answered Immediately

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Armor_of_God Part 2


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