• Freedom is all yours, take it!

    Freedom is yours, take it!

    What is freedom? How does freedom look like or feels like? Freedom is being unrestricted by various variables. Freedom is also relative; you define freedom in your terms. Remember when you felt bound, how did it feel when you were unbound? That is freedom.  It is essential to be free spiritually, physically and financially.  Spiritual freedom may entail religious and other rituals held by individuals, certain music and or use of objects.  By knowing the truth one avoid being influenced by spiritual extremists and at the same time maintain a strong connection with the author of all life, to me, God.




    Recently, I learned from Ralph Smart the concept of physical appearance.  I now understand and accept that my weight is what is right for me.  Not, what the models are displaying or what is being advertised. Being healthy is a divine heritage. Yes, I mean that.  Disease, which is a state of not being at ease, does not have to stay in a body. Claim physical freedom.  Wealth is not determined by inflow but outflow, but how much is saved or invested.  What is your financial freedom, paying bills, mortgage, vacation or being debt free?  What is your definition of freedom? Choose to be free.

    PDFFreedom is yours


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