3D Empowerment

You are ready to learn when you acknowledge and celebrate diversity. I do not know it all, and you sure don't, so, let's learn from each other.


Man's journey is a spiritual journey. Every event of man's life is a spiritual event. Every decision made affect man spiritually. Who are you learning from?


Your mind and body needs you! There is time for every food group. Eat wisely. Keep moving, your body appreciate it. Be a life long learner, be ready to learn now.


Every dollar is made up of pennies. Be penny smart. Stay away from debt. Learn how to earn more, spend less and keep more.

Educational Resources

A collection of resources for Math, Science, Robotics, 3D Visuals, Scholarship, college application process...

Just Pen it!

  • Freedom is all yours, take it!

    Freedom is yours, take it!
    What is freedom? How does freedom look like or feels like? Freedom is being unrestricted by various variables. Freedom is also relative; you define freedom in your terms. Remember when you felt bound, how did it […]

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  • Wisdom and knowledge

    Ask for wisdom, and knowledge from the Almighty as you seek wisdom and knowledge on Earth.  Many have lost the way (confused and followed the wrong path), others lost their lives in the name of wisdom written and or taught by […]

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  • I am

    How many times do you start your sentence with “I am…?” There is power when I am  is followed by a positive statement.  Read on…
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